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  • javascript [jQuery|Raphael]
  • mySql/postgreSQL/webSQL
  • mobil apps [Cordova framework]
  • regular expressions
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  • shell/unix tools (awk, sed, xargs, etc)
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  • Spanish (native) & English proficiency

Web Programming

Dental Practice

This application manages patientss and dental treatments performed by students at a national university (Facultad de Odontología/Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina) Along with this I wrote another subsidiary app for handling appointments and keeping track of equipment usage at post-graduate courses.

Database manager app

At the beginnings of my programming career (~2005) I challenged myself to write a php/mysql database manager. Though aware of the "wheel reinvention" risk, I followed the advice of a fellow programmer on the benefits of the "learn by doing" approach. Certainly the oportunity allowed me to gain a deeper insight of the technologies I was after. By overcoming many techical issues I learned a great deal and got the satisfaction of authoring a flexible product with lots of features I wished to have .

Academic data-analisis-tools

[MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, PHP] This application was written to dynamically query and summarize large quantities of database information of economic and academic significance. Fetching and mining large quantity of data, required me to use advanced sql, with many complex joins, subqueries and agregate techniques, thus leveraging my database expertice.

Academic performance report & students- manager

Produced a CRUD application (for Creating, Retrieveing, Updating and Deleting records) of academic qualifications over a web environment. This software, was written in php & javascript with a heavy use of asynchronous callback functions, via the Sencha extjs platform

Graphic Design

Dental Practice


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